Amanda Randell’s Floral Blog

Hurrah, a new website has been born and will be the home of Amanda Randell’s Floral Blog

I am very proud and lucky to have a talented artist sister, Sally Bamber, who has (usefully) developed an interest in painting flowers! Over the last couple of years she has been putting together a body of work that captures wild flowers found around her home in Cumbria and has recently completed a major solo exhibition.

A major solo exhibition of watercolours by Sally Bamber

John Ruskin’s watercolour flower studies reflected his taste for small unassuming plants and Sally has been drawn to the quieter, predominantly wild flowers found in Brantwood’s more hidden leafy corners – the woundworts, ragworts, and bog asphodels on the higher woodland slopes; yellow rattles, plantains and eyebrights in the hay-meadow. Over two years, and on frequent visits, these lowlier species inspired her as she explored the garden in its seasonal cycles. 

From these paintings I fell in love with a watercolour of Hellebores and instantly hassled her to adapt my logo to incorporate this new design – and this website is the result. But it did not stop there, many of the paintings touched me and so we chose 6 designs to create beautiful greetings cards which adorn my gift bouquets, so if you would like one, do order a bouquet.

Amanda-Randell-Card-6 Amanda-Randell-Card-5 Amanda-Randell-Card-4 Amanda-Randell-Card-3 Amanda-Randell-Card-2 Amanda-Randell-Card-1

I am also indebted to the technological talents of Julian Rees from Silver Foxes Publishing for his help and support and genius in understanding me, what I do for a living and putting it all together for me.  Thank you.