Cloak made from Autumn Leaves

Autumn Cloak of Leaves

Why a Cloak of Leaves?

I want to tell you about the Cloak of Leaves I have made to celebrate Autumn. It was an idea that formed early in 2015 and while I planned how I was going to make it I never dreamt just how beautiful last Autumn would be.  The leaves in the gardens at Hotel Endsleigh in Devon were more spectacular than ever before, helping to make the project of creating the leaf cloak hugely satisfying.

Autumnal cloak and crown

Leaf Cloak by Amanda Randell

I knew the cloak would take a long time to build and I had recently worked with a videographer on another shoot and we discussed making a motion time lapse film together and this seemed the perfect project. Here is the film of the Leaf Cloak coming to life created by Jonathan Warren, who was incredibly patient, taking 8 hours to film me put it together.

Click the following link to see a time lapse film of me making the cloak.

Motion Time Lapse Film link.

Someone to wear the cloak

Having filmed the making of the cloak it was vital to photograph someone wearing it. Good friend and fabulous wedding photographer Maggie McCall agreed to meet us to photograph her very beautiful daughter Ellie wearing the leaf cloak.  It was late on a wet and windy Sunday afternoon and although it was dark, the low light added to the ambiance, with lanterns filled with fairy lights adding a touch of  magic.

Seasonal British Flowers

Autumn Bride

How I made the cloak

To make the Leaf Cloak I collected the leaves the day before the filming, keeping them wet at all times spraying them with water as I worked.  I attached the leaves with wire, hot and cold glue to a velvet cloak. The trim around the hood is made from Pampas Grass. The floral crown is made up of Maple leaves, tiny ferns and Spindle berries.

Autumn Leaf Cloak and Crown

Leaf Cloak and Crown

As a wedding florist I love to create contemporary floral designs with real impact that captures a feeling of the season and these pictures seem to portray an essence of Titania in all her Autumn glory and I cannot thank Jonathan, Maggie and Ellie enough for making this vision a reality.