Bouquet by Amanda Randell

What style Wedding Bouquet?

The most iconic bouquet you will ever hold will be your wedding bouquet.  So what style wedding bouquet will you chose? And why? To help with the process, here are some pointers for you to consider.

Round, asymmetrical, Garden style, wild feeling, 1920’s inspired bouquet in ivory and lilac with ribbon detail.

Check list to design the perfect wedding bouquet for you.

  • First, the shape of the bouquet, there are more choices on offer than you might think, round, random, tear drop, shower, over the arm presentation, heart shaped, crescent or semi-crescent, the list goes on…
Over the arm presentation. Also known as the Pageant bouquet.

Over the arm presentation, with flowing material of garden flowers.

  • Style, adjectives are a great way of identifying the ambiance you are trying to capture, i.e. neat, random, romantic, elegant, rustic, wild, garden style, contemporary, traditional etc.
Pink romantic trailing bouquet.

Romantic bouquet with trailing detail in roses and ranunculus and amaranthus.

  • Flowers: the key component and vital ingredient to your bouquet, this list will help identify your choices:
    • the season you get married in and where the flowers are grown, locally i.e. British or from far far away,
    • the colours that have meaning for you, (colour can hold an emotional connection),
    • scent can have magical powers too; years from now when the fragrance takes you unawares, it can send you right back to that special moment when you walked towards the love of your life.
    • superstitions and meanings, different generations have developed superstitions over the years, some joyful, some not.
Freestyle garden flower wedding bouquet.

Hand tied garden bouquet also known as freestyle bouquet in cream, pink and raspberry red flowers locally grown in September.

  • Designer; where a certain ‘Je ne sais quois’ is added using design techniques, this involves a host of decorative elements including: banding, grouping, caging, pinning, gluing, etc. (there are some 40 techniques in the florists skill set)
Designer bouquet, made on a frame of bleached skeleton leaves.

Designer bouquet, made on a frame of bleached skeleton leaves.

  • Novelty, is a term used for unusual bouquets very specific to the Bride, a garland, fan, hoop, hand bag or even a hand warmer (muff) for example.
Hand bag filled with garden flowers.

Hand bag filled with garden flowers.

  • Source of Inspiration; a list that helps with the design planning:
    • emotion: well it’s a romantic occasion, but you could also consider other emotions, happiness, joy, relaxed, informal, exciting etc.
    • craft: the inclusion of craft within design can add something more, like ribbon round a jam jar or on the backs of chairs or feathers dipped in glitter, or the use of buttons, there really are endless possibilities.
    • culture: this could mean a New York theme, or red flowers because the Chinese find the colour lucky and auspicious.
    • botanical : Are you inspired by a particular plant material? Succulents or Dahlias or perhaps you are marrying someone from another country i.e. South African, as you could carry the National Flower the King Protea, or do you just love holding a bunch of British grown garden flowers?
    • history: has something from history inspired you? what era excites you? My current favourite is the 1920’s and the stunning silk ribbons that dripped from the bouquets.
    • design: perhaps you have already seen a design you like and would like to copy it. Remember though if you are using a skilled designer, they can create something just for you.
    • economics can also play an important role, there are wonderful things one can do with a small budget, like hold a bouquet simply of all one flower, like Tulips.
Shower bouquet,

Shower bouquet

Amanda Randell will be at the ‘Out of the Box’ wedding show on Sunday 31st January 2016 from 11:00-3:00 aboard the Steam Train, South Devon Railway in Buckfastleigh, where she will be giving a demo on different types of wedding bouquets, so if you have any questions, then this is the place to come and ask them.

For more inspiration see Amanda Randell’s Pinterest site.