White Lady of Radford Flowers

Flowers chosen for the White Lady of Radford

I count myself very lucky to know and work with some talented photographers and take part in really creative shoots enhancing their visions with my flowers. One such event, I had the privilege to work with the amazing photography duo, Agnieszka and Andrew Younger of Younger Photography.  They had been inspired by the ghost story, The white lady of Radford.

Radford Park in Plymouth is full of mystery, with haunted ruins from an old castle and house, wonderful woodland walks around Radford lake where it is said, the white lady drowned. This was a perfect backdrop for the shoot within the ruins providing an ethereal atmosphere. Agnieszka also sourced the most extraordinary, exquisite headdresses from Poland, and finally three beautiful deer hounds were also part of the mix.

Younger Photography flowers by Amanda Randell White Lady of Radford

Beautiful composition, featuring a stunning dress from the Wedding Co. in Plympton and my flowers.

The bouquet is made on a frame covered in bleached skeleton leaves and filled with the glorious scent of Orange Blossom, white Heuchera flowers and ‘Avalanche’ Roses, I also used Cow Parsley to mirror the pearl details in the headdress.

Younger Photography, flowers by Amanda Randell White lady of Radford

A second headdress and closer shot of our beautiful model.

The mood of this photo is palpable, I love the light coming though the trees and lighting up this part of the ruin. Here the deer hounds add to the haunting impact of the visual. Another spectacular headdress and the flowers are branches of beech with bluebells chosen to highlight the blue stones in the headdress.

Younger Photography, Flowers by Amanda Randell White Lady of Radford

Castle ruin, stunning headdress and dress, three deer hounds and beautiful woodland flowers. What more could a girl want?

I love these pictures and you will have noticed that I am using one for my front cover at the moment. It is always an honour to take part in creating these images and I cannot wait to work with Andrew and Agnieszka again.  I do hope The white lady of Radford approves.